Liebster Award

Salut ma chère amie~ I’ve been tagged by Sakura & Kya for the Liebster Award. Thank you for the tag! So let’s get down to business.

Sakura’s Questions
Are you the daydream or realistic kind of person?
I am a daydreamer. I build castles in the air with my free time. But I can be very critical when it comes to assignments. I am a realistic dreamer but still a dreamer!

Do you like shopping?
Yes! Leave me in a mall and I’ll memorize the layout and stores in just that one time visit. haha. I love to shop and can do it for hours.

What was 1 regret that you made when you are in college/university?
Time management.

How excited are you towards 2014?
It’s a new year! I am ambivalent tbh but ironically at the same time hopeful it will be a better year.

Where do you want to visit in 2014?

What phone are you currently using?
Blackberry 9900. I’m due to change my phone but I cannot decide between iPhone or Samsung Note 3. Help?

What is your motivation to blog?
Blogging is an outlet for me. I do it when I need to let things out. It is also a way to connect with all my online friends and readers.

What degree are you interested in pursuing? If you already have 1 degree, do you want to take a second degree and what will that be?
I have not done my degree but planning to take an early childhood education one soon. I would dream of pursuing a psychology degree. (The time has passed for me.)

Are you a Windows or Mac fan?
Once you go mac, you can’t go back. *cheesy grin* I love Mac.

What is the thing/person that makes you the happiest person in 2013?
This is a tough question. I guess I would say my family because by default they have always been the people around me that supported me. But my darling friends, Raine, Kate & Kya are amazing people and friends who never fail to brighten up my day. I also look at Chris Colfer, Darren Criss & Arashi.

Eye, lip, cheeks, foundation makeup – what do you like most?
I am terrible at makeup. I need to learn more! I guess at the moment eyes! I like glittery eyeshadows.

Onto Kya’s Questions

1. Why did you start your blog?
I started my blog because I wanted to write, I wanted to connect with my online friends and because I wanted to start web designing again.

2. How long have you been ‘online’?
Years! How do I even define this? I started reading fanfic in 2000. Started playing neopets and using the computer since the late 1990s. I cannot remember when exactly but I think 2000 would be a good guess when I started to create neopet guilds and then from there I started my first blog on geocities/angelfire/freewebpages and got hosted and the rest is history.

3. Work to dream or dream to work?
I would be inclined to say dream to work. We need big dreams to make changes in the world.

4. Do you have a hidden talent?
*checks my pockets* Nuh. I’m still looking for my talent.

5. What book means the most to you?
Tricky question. For me, it has to be the Harry Potter series. It has impacted my life in a way that I can only attempt to describe. I grew up with the HP books. I was a year older than Harry so I could imagine myself being in those shoes (well not harry’s but being part of that world). It was an escape for me. I would disappear into the book when I got my hands on it. I stayed up all night to devour it. It also reminds me of my mother’s love. She took the time to queue up and get the books for me from Australia because she knew how much I wanted the book (because Australia had an earlier release date than Singapore). I always enjoyed the coolness of the book and the scent or smell of the books which reminds me of Australia bookstores/airports. I am also a huge fangirl. I loved being able to indulge in the merchandise (slytherin scarfs, cardigans and the like). I was able to dress up and feel a sense of solidarity with other fans when we were in our HP gear. I also used to roleplay as Harry Potter in a roleplay blog. I have written HP/DM fanfiction. I wish to play quidditch and quidditch pong. I want to visit the theme parks! I want to try butter beer and all the magical stuff. I enjoyed watching Potted Potter and the Harry Potter exhibition. I also ship HP/DM like woah. And the movies are amazing!

6. Do you create your own designs/themes for your blog?
I used too. But now I need to learn everything again because so much has changed. I am waiting for a long break to play around with wordpress again.

7. What Hogwarts house would you be sorted into and why?
Slytherin. I always felt that I belonged to that house (even if pottermore sorts me otherwise and outwardly I don’t feel like I have the “defined traits” of this house). But people are complicated, there are aspects of ourselves which we or others may not see. I like the pride that we (slytherins) have in our house, family and identity. We take care of our own. We are strongly loyal to the ones that we love and although it may sound hufflepuffish, we just do it in a different way that others may not see. We will protect what we love fiercely. We have ambition, pride and the determination to succeed. I can be witty and sarcastic. I can also be mean to people who deserve that scorn.

8. If you were an animal, what would you be?
I like wolves! So I would probably be a wolf.

9. How has your blog evolved from when you first started it?
I am getting lazier! Hahaha! I’ve used many different platforms to blog from blogger to livejournal to diary-x. My first website typed blog made use of inline frames. I coded in html and css. I used graymatter (anyone remember that?) Then I shifted to wordpress and flirted with b2. I started coding in php. And I took a break, now I have to get back to learning how to code wordpress. In terms of content, it used to me more angsty and ranty (while I was a teenager) and I feel there’s a natural progression from then on.

10. If you were a mutant (think x-men) what would your mutant ability be?
I have an on-going thing with Kate who is the Erik to my Charles. My mutant ability would be telepathy.

11. Would you rather meet someone that is a celebrity (and you like) or someone that can offer you good advice?
Can’t I have both? *pouts* I guess it depends on the context or situation? Since I don’t think I need any advice at this current moment, let me meet Chris Colfer/Darren Criss/Ohno Satoshi now! :D

Speaking of singers, I attended a gig (Late Nite @ Esplanade: Coming Home Nathan Hartono) with Bhav on Friday. Nathan Hartono is an amazing singer and a great performer. I was really impressed by his work. I enjoyed his songs Thinking Bout Love & Weight of her Love. You can check it out on his youtube channel that I linked. I really started noticing/following him after seeing him in Spring Awakening and Next to Normal.


Nathan was a total sweetheart! (And a cutie.) He rocked it out and I was having so much fun grooving to the music. The rest of the team were pretty amazing too. I love the intimate setting at Esplanade’s recital hall. I was getting a little emotional listening to his cover of blade (a song about suicide). He also did a cover on cough syrup on his youtube channel.

Before I get distracted again, I would like to nominate Kate, Kya, Sakura, Siti & Qwen for the Liebster award. I will post 11 questions for them to answer and if they like they can nominate 5 more persons.

1. Write down your favourite quote from your favourite book and tell me why you chose it.
2. What is that one song that keeps you going when you’re down?
3. You are the casting director of a movie and your friends are going to be in it. What movie is it and who are you going to cast for each role (including yourself)?
4. How would you react if you met your favourite celebrity/singer/artist/writer/famous person and who is it?
5. What do you like to watch on youtube?
6. Which Hogwarts house would you be in and why?
7. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
8. What will your last meal on earth be?
9. What is you dream coordinate?
10. Where would you like to visit in 2014?
11. What is your favourite song to sing when no one is looking?

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  • Sakura

    Do you like Burts bee and buy it from Sephora? I find the prices at Sephora is a bit too expensive for a US drugstore brand. :( I just bought Nivea lip balm and I hope it will be moisturising enough for me to use it under my Rouge Coco lipstick.

    Get a Note 3 and you won’t regret. I think the pink Note 3 is out now and do get that. It looks so lovely that I am regretting in getting the black one when it is just released. D:

    Thanks for tagging me. I will answer your questions when I get time to do so. :D

    • Silver

      I first came across it from Australia. I really liked it so I got it from Singapore. Yes it’s a bit pricey but I haven’t found a replacement for it yet. I hope Nivea works for you too! I tried Nivea but it was not suitable for me.

      Yay pink note 3! I will go to starhub this weekend and hopefully I can get it. (Pssssst can always get a cover!)

      Yay can’t wait to read your answers Sakura!

  • Carrie

    I daydream a lot too! People say I need to stop living in a wonderland, lol.

    I LOVE to shop! I’m actually a shopaholic and then I cry when I’m broke. LOL

    Have fun!

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