The first time I came across the Endless was from a fanfiction and a bsb fanfiction at that. Yet I fell in love with the characters based on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. I managed to borrow copies of it from the library (on the other side of the island) from my schooling days and until today, the series had left an indelible impression on me.

I met a dear friend of mine, On Yee, for breakfast. It was so lovely to sit outdoors at Wild Honey and enjoying an english breakfast (bacons, mushroom, potatoes and the like). Our conversation veered into her collection of the Endless and we ended up walking into Kino.


The darling friend got me 2 books from the series and being the anal collector type I am, I had to get the rest of the series. (Kino was having 20% off too!) I went into a crazy kino trance mood, splurged and got the whole set. I am so happy right now. Recently, there’s been talk about a movie and JGL will be a producer. I cannot imagine who they will cast but there are some tall expectations.

In the photo, I’ve also gotten the disney CD compilation. Even though I have already a couple of disney soundtracks but I just cannot seem to resist it. I also have been to a few fleamarkets (*scape and public garden) over the month. I got a couple of rings and this crocheted hedhegog has to be my favourite of them all.

I will be flying to taiwan tomorrow so I have to go do some preparations for the flight. Again, I failed to send out my christmas cards this year. (Better late than never?)

I have received some really awesome presents from the girlfriends when we met for steamboat. I really appreciate the new organizer and pen from kikki k. I love that store! I used to get my organizers from moleskin but made the switch this year. I was so tempted to get this a sentence a day book but I have already splurged on the sandman series.


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  • Jessica

    I’ve never heard of the Sandman series before now, although it is a bit cool that there is going to be a movie. :) I love Disney songs…is it bad to admit that I was addicted to the Sing Along videos?! I love the Sentence A Day that you showed, and I am definitely going to check out the site. :D

  • Kya

    Firstly, THAT RING IS SO ADORABLE OMG. It was the first thing I seen and was like, whatever that is, it’s so squishy. :D

    That is so awesome you got the whole series. :D

    I haven’t read them yet. I had heard about them (but not what they are about, but I might look into it and actually read them! xD)

    Don’t sweat it, sometimes Christmas can be crazy and cards get there eventually. :D

  • Michelle

    I’ve heard of the Sandman series myself, but never took the time to read it. That ring is so so cute!~ Don’t worry, I sent out too many Christmas cards this year. 4 batches of Christmas cards with 4 or more cards in each batch. I just wanted to put smiles to everyone’s faces.

    Hope you have a good time in Taiwan!

  • Joy

    My sister is really into the series. It’s always fun to have something you’re hooked on.

    That’s a really cute planner! I need a new on really bad!

  • Sakura

    Wow. That “A Sentence A Day” book looks cool. I love the idea of contributing 1 sentence everyday. Imagine what I will get to read after 1 year.

  • Alice

    So many books :O I know what you mean about being anal, though–why buy only a few books of a series if you can buy the whole thing? Well, given the amount of money, but. You know what I mean /o\

    That ring looks so cute, omg. And yay for Disney songs :D

    Have a safe flight! Oh man, Christmas cards–I’m behind on them actually, so I dunno if that’s any better or worse than just giving up on doing them this year or sending them out super late, oops.

  • Nicole

    I can relate to getting compulsive when it comes to boxed sets.. However, you seem to really love this series, and you can normally get a better deal if you get the set anyway!

    I just checked out the Kikki K store.. Looks like they have some nice stuff there!

    I hope you had a nice trip or are having a nice trip.

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