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My darling girl, Kya, has renewed my lovely domain for another year. I am so grateful for this gift. Thank you my love!

This blog entry feels utterly random but I was inspired by this picture post. I love the idea of dressing up like a fairy and taking photos in the woods. And I thought that if I had to make a save the date card, this concept would probably be it. It would be absolutely dreamy and gorgeous.

I have to admit that I am hooked onto the show say yes to the dress and I love going onto pinterest to look at wedding things. I might have started planning my wedding in my head a little too early. (I had wanted to be a wedding planner at one point in my life.)

If I had all the resources in the world, I would dream a little pop up cafe. I would decorate the cafe inspired by mori kei aesthetics (think forest fairies, nature), hire staff dressed in lolita fashion and ouji style and bake yummy cakes and pastries. I would name it amakoi (haha yes how original the name is). It is but a dream.

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I got the innocent world mook today. I was not planning to but I could not resist after hearing how lovely the mook was.

I also revamped /dolls where I post pictures of outfit coordinates using doll makers.

My writing is rusty, so here’s some practice.

10 minute fiction
It started out as an idea. It grew into a baby. It blossomed with the light titters surrounding its ears. Its fingers stretched out to the warmth and its heart expanded with joy. Its mind thrived with the music and dance of the plants and the flowers. Its feet dance with every opportunity; and finally taking root in the heart of many.

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  • Veronica

    That is a really cool post. I like the details in the outfits and the scene, I’d be really inspired by it as well. Your writing almost reflects it a little, what was the idea behind that?

    I’m a writer as well and I haven’t written much in the past few months, but I’m trying to get back into it again haha. Slowly but surely!

    • Silver

      The details in outfit or the whole shoot is amazing. I felt like I was intruding in a candid space and the feel of it is very surreal. Thank you for the comment. The writing was more nonsensical than whimsical. I am in a writing funk so I decided to just write whatever that comes into my mind for 10 minutes in every blog post that I can. I think it’s a good practice in finding my voice again. I feel terribly rusty. I hope you do find your way back to writing! Try the 10 minute challenge if you have the time and inclination! :)

    • Silver

      I am far from making those dreams into a reality but it is nice to have hope! I am sure that in time some of these feelings that I have now will change. Thank you Malik for the well wishes! :D I really appreciate it.

  • Jessica

    That is totally awesome of Kya to renew your domain. :D I can also see how you were inspired by the post of the faeries – the pictures are gorgeous and I’d also love to dress up like one and take pictures. :) Your cafĂ© sounds like a wonderful idea, and I’d definitely visit it. :D

    • Silver

      Kya is pretty awesome. :D I love how you spell the word faeries. I love how magickal it feels. If you do dress up, please share with me the photos! Perhaps I may join in and we can start a #whimsicalphotoparty. If I had the resources (which would be crazy in Singapore, maybe somewhere else in the world), I would definitely give you a discount when you visit Jessica. ^^

  • Kya

    My pleasure to renew the domain for you. The gift that keeps on going. :D (Because I care about you plz!)

    That would be such an awesome thing. You do it and I will photograph it please, it would be great practice. :D

    There can’t be anything wrong with planning wedding things. If that makes you happy then no harm at all. :’)

    That would be an amazing idea for a cafe, it would be so adorable. :O

    Wow, that ten minute fiction was really amazing!

    • Silver

      *snuggles* you always know what to say to make the best comments. It is right parts funny, sincere, awesome and Kya-tastic! (Okay you inspire me to make up words all the time.) I wish I had the talent in sewing or make up! If that photoshoot really happens, I’ll hang with you in NSW. Maybe if I get married to a very generous husband, crossing my fingers!

      When we go to Japan (can we can we can we), we can visit the butler cafes, universal studio japan (wizarding world) and all that jazz.


  • Melanie

    I love that forest photoshoot! I want to get/make some antler headband for my hair :D Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to looking for inspiration, like you I’ve been dreaming of a cafe, a fairytale themed cafe, preferably in a treehouse. I have been wanting to learn how to do latte art as well, even though I don’t drink coffee >_<

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