Taobao Spree


I have been shopping on taobao and I could not resist getting these items. Unfortunately the first few are sold out. I’ll be crossing my fingers that they will restock them. I seem to be moving towards the mori kei direction (and I still can’t seem to resist rori stuff).

I will make a review post when I get the items. I am hoping everything that I ordered are okay quality (if not good) and fits. I have not dare to peek at my total bill yet.

I have been shopping quite a bit lately and I’ve been chalking it to a “new working wardrobe”.

I also tried a new korean bbq place last night. It was pretty value for money. :D

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    • Silver

      I shall try my best Chloe-Lenne! :D
      I will post better pictures of it when I get my package (or perhaps it will be a big box). XD

  • Kya

    I did not know what it was until I seen your tweet about it. It sounds really cool and I love what you have brought. :D


  • Amanda

    I love all the items you picked out! :) I hate looking at the total bill when I’m on a shopping spree too, heh. It spoils all the fun.

    I hope all the items you get are decent quality too! ^-^ I usually am satisfied with the quality of most of the items I order from Asian sites so hopefully yours is no different!

    • Silver

      Thank you Amanda! I am crossing my fingers too. Unfortunately, there was some shoddy sellers who change their price during the process but I’ll probably discuss more in my review.

      I’m glad that you have had positive experiences with asian sites! :D

  • Sakura

    Ooo… new working wardrobe! I also want to get new clothes but everytime I see something that I want to buy, the practical and thrifty side of me stopped me from buying them. On the other hand, I end up splurging on lipsticks that I don’t wear to work. How ironic, isn’t it?

    • Silver

      We all have our secret vices… or temptations! I want to see pictures of those lipsticks (being used!) What is your favourite colour? I have a red lipstick (which I adore) but I am not good at make up (bad skills) so I end up using mac’s brown lipstick or my tinted rose lip balm. I really like the retro/pinup red lipstick look.

      Clothes are…. necessity? Chinese new year opportunity! Get some during the end of sales for the new year! :)

    • Silver

      Thank you for commenting! :) I will definitely post a review when all my items reach me. You look gorgeous (looking at your dp). :)

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