Ketchup June

Mama always told me, in life
you win some, you lose some
so I clutch my pearls
of memories close to the heart

Darling ones, it’s been quite a while. It almost feels like a lifetime. I’ve been busy with work and assignments. I have been under some stress but I know that my Daddy God is working his magic on it as I type this.

I am alive this June break. I can breathe again.

A whirlwind of things have happened since the last time I blogged.

    ♦ X-Men: Days of Future Past

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at PM 04.48.14

HOW WAS X-MEN DOFP YOU ASK? TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME. I MAY HAVE BEEN FLAILING OVER ALL THE UST AND CHERIK FROM THE START TO THE END. Aside from some teeny geeky questions, I absolutely adore the film and plan to get my hands on the DVD when it comes out. James McAvoy was amazing in his role as aftermath!Charles and Fassbender was charming as Magneto. I can’t wait for X-Men: Apocalypse. Also Hugh was in Singapore for the international premiere.

Maleficent on the other hand, I was really disappointed. A superfluous addition to Disney films.

    My Amazon Purchase

Screen shot 2014-06-12 at PM 04.58.17
I got my buffy and charmed boxset! A great experience with Amazon. I received the package earlier than expected and they were nicely packaged. My sister does not recognize these cult shows of the 90s since she’s a 2000 kid. I don’t regret getting them at all! I also used a handy dandy tracktor tool to track the price fluctuations.

    ♦ Tyler Oakley


I saw Tyler Oakley in person! I did not manage to get a selfie with him though. Wish I had the opportunity but it was one whole ball of craaaaazyyyyy. I won the tickets through another competition and was so lucky to have gotten the show that I wanted. I still feel blessed to have seen my Queen in Singapore.

    ♦ VW x Melissa Shoes


I snagged myself these Vivienne Westwood Red Elevated Three Straps with Bow from Tangs and absolutely love it to bits. I want it in white and pink as well but they did not have my size.

    ♦ bento


This is my current bento collection. Hopefully I will be making more bentos in the coming week. I really want to try making nimono since I have a craving for it.

    ♦ Lolita


I had some fun with the local loli community in June.

Lastly, I have fallen in love with ramin karimloo’s beautiful voice. He is flawless.

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  • Kya

    So glad you liked the new X-Men movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but can’t wait to see it. What a shame that Maleficent was a disappointment to you. :(

    So awesome that you won the tickets. Even if you couldn’t get a photo with him, the fact you got to be there was so cool. :D

    Bentos are so cute. :D

  • Michelle

    Yes! Yes to everything. Why? Because I said so! Lol

    Yeah, the new X-men movie is amazing. Yeah, but that’s weird, I’ve been hearing good things about Maleficent from my friends. Who knows? Maybe it will be a movie that divides people.

    I’m so glad you had fun with the Loli community. Sounds interesting and fun. I just love Lolita. I think the culture itself is pretty cool, and since I have a friend that is immersed in the culture itself, I get to see a lot of her photos and share some of her experiences.

    Bentos are amazing!

  • Bee

    I’m so jealous that you got to meet Tyler Oakley in person! GAAAAAAH. lol
    I’ve tried wearing loli outfits before, but not the real loli coord, just the cosplay loli. And dang girl, love the shoes!

  • Becca

    Ooh, I wanted to see Maleficent but never got around to it and feel like I really didn’t miss much. I’ve heard from several people that it was just okay. I’ll have to rent it once it comes out on DVD though because I know curiosity will get the best of me!

    I really enjoyed the new X-Men. I’ve liked all the previous ones, but I think this one was all around the best. All of the other ones tend to mix together to me and I have a hard time keeping them all straight! My fiance loved it – said the best movie of the summer, but I’m not sure I agree with him on that point. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? AMAZING.

  • Ellie

    Nice to see you’ve had some fun! Glad to know you enjoyed the X-Men movie. My sister wanted to see it, but X-Men movies aren’t really my cup of tea. I love going to the movies though

    Also, I love those shoes! The red color is super gorgeous.

  • Nicole

    I absolutely loved Xmen: Days of Future Past when I saw it in theaters. It was so good! I haven’t seen Maleficent yet, but it seems like I haven’t missed out on much from what people say about it. I am jealous over your Amazon purchase, I would love to own both sets. I am slowly building my movie and tv show collection.

    Sounds like you’ve been having tons of fun lately :)

  • Evie

    I still haven’t seen X-Men DOFP yet (or, as my friend called it, X-Boyfriends: the Movie) which I really really need to, because everyone says it was awesome.

    Disney’s all over their villains at the moment and I hear they’re planning many many more movies about them in the future -_- Urgh.

    But, between X-Men and Guardians, it looks like Marvel’s going to take over the summer blockbusters~!

  • Michelle

    Sadly, I didn’t see the new X-Men movie but I’m pretty sure it was good. I was also supposed to go see Maleficent with a friend, but it didn’t happen. GASP! That’s a big bento collection *____* Which foods have you made yet? I love Lolita, but I prefer Gothic Lolita :) Why? Mm…maybe because of how more beautiful the darker style is? :)

  • Ella

    I certainly know how it feels to be bogged down with work and assignments. Hope all is going well for you. ^^

    Haven’t watched X-Men, but I’ve heard good things. I haven’t been too impressed with the latest Disney movies either. The Bentos are adorable and so are your shoes! The Lolita style is really cute, but I don’t think I’d ever be able to pull it off. x)

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