We observed children based on SPICE domains. So, here I am, reflecting on the previous year using that method.

+ 2014 was a good year for socializing. I made many new acquaintances and more friends. I exposed myself to more people through events and hobbies.

– I stopped zumba and going to the gym. I stopped eating my calcium pills. I stopped wearing my retainers every night. While I started drinking apple cider vinegar, my tummy/face is getting rounder fatter because of all the indulgence in fried food and alcohol.

-> I will aim to watch my dietary intake in this new year and exercise more.

+ I graduated and got my diploma in ECE and moving on to getting a degree on it.
– Overall though, I want to learn more about different things this year. I want to improve my Japanese and French.

– I had aimed to be more in touch with my creative side in 2014 but failed to do so.
+ I want to paint something, write a novel worth of words, blog regularly, plan themed parties and be fashionable in 2015.

+ I think I have learnt to love myself a little bit more.
– I cry at almost everything still.

I went to the night safari for the first time 2 days ago! It was really fun but I am not really good with nature. I may have cling onto my friend’s arm when bats fly across our heads. And I absolutely love the wolves! I was conflicted throughout the experience because as much as I enjoyed seeing the animals, I do not like zoos. I went for this trip because it was a late celebration for a good friend’s birthday. She, on the other hand, was very happy with it. I even got her a souvenir photo (ouch overpriced much!). 😀

I spent new year’s eve shopping and going for karaoke. Two of my deadly indulgence. I had a great lunch with 2 colleagues. And I slept soundly. That is a good sign for the new year! Although, I am not sure if I am happy with who I am at this point of time, I hope to make a change/difference. The older I get, the more scared I become. I lost a lot of opportunities and chances this year because of this. Let me work up my courage this year! I can’t wait to make my Kansai (Oosaka & Kyoto) trip come true. And maybe I might find love too (pray for me?). 😀


4 thoughts on “2014-2015

  1. merry new year sister!

    congratulations on getting your dip (:
    wishing 2015 will be a new and exciting year for you. can’t wait to read more of your blog posts and see what other creatives you produce this year ^^

    1. Silver says:

      dearest nadine jie, thank you for the well wishes.
      I hope you’ll move closer to me bwaha! I am thankful for our friendship that still withstood the passage of times. I look forward for us connecting via blogging again too. I’ve missed your blog!

    1. Silver says:

      Hello Chester! Thanks for commenting. Congratulations for passing! That’s great. Wishing you a super awesome 2015 too. 😀

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