If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be fangirl. Twenty five, and this is where I am now? (Yes, the voices in my head are judging me right now.) But there won’t be any truer word, besides that, to encapsulate who I am of at this very moment. (Also a plug to Rainbow Rowell’s book Fangirl, a great read!)

I enjoy my fandoms. It takes me to a happy place. It unwinds me. It makes me think and discuss about issues. It makes me feel all sorts of emotions. It entertains me. It connects me to people. It has opened up my word and changed my life.

Maybe, it is silly (to some of you) to like something so much to the point of squeeing incoherently, but it makes me happy… almost alive? (I feel most disinterested in life on some of most days.) The celebrities that I look up to, have motivated me to become a better person. They make me believe in the impossibilities. And it is amazing to think about how much one person can make a difference in one ordinary person’s life.

OTP (one true pairing) is an aspect of fandom that seems inescapable these days. It is your favourite character ship (this includes both romantic and friendship BROTP. So in an effort to discover myself (or more for you (my dear reader) to get to know me better), I will list down my TEN OTPS countdown. Wooo~ I have many more OTPs (it’ll be impossible to list them all) and they are listed in no particular order. (This post is a WIP. I have a short attention span.)

Piper/Leo Charmed

Before I even knew what shipping was, I shipped Piper & Leo from Charmed. It was my favourite tv show growing up. I even kept a little notebook filled with pictures and notes about them. There was something adorable and pure about their love that kept me rooting for them. (Other ships: Phoebe and Cole. Prue and Andy.)

9. Louis/Lestat Interview with the Vampire
Interview with the Vampire

I love the book and movie.

8. Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon Levitt
JGL Zooey

They are adorable.

7. Pikame (JE)

I ship them so much, I wrote fics.

6. Ohmiya (Arashi)

My favourite boys! They are too cute.

5. Arthur/Eames (Inception)
Arthur Eames

4. Atobe/Tezuka (Tennisu no oujisama)

Whether it is manga/anime/tenimyu, I ship it.

3. Charles/Erik (XMFC, X-Men)


2. Harry/Draco (Harry Potter)



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  • Kya

    That was cute to discover many of your fandoms. :D

    I haven’t been involved in them for a long time and I can remember the feeling of being so closely connected to the Harry Potter fandom it was a really cool thing. :D

  • Penda

    lol, I cant believe your top OTP is Klaine! Lol, anyway, is it just me or is your list soaked with bromance? hahahah! I used to love Jaejoong and Yunho from kpop/jpop group TVXQ. I should have made a list too when I was fandoming! tsktskktsk I’m too busy to spazz now >_<!

    kiss kiss,

  • Raisa

    Heyo~ I’m 25 and also a fangirl and I know exactly how you feel! I play a lot of games so my OTPs are from games, but I’m really crazy about Captain America/Bucky brotp right now.:D I have so many feels about them.

  • Cassie

    I’m not yet 25, but I’m definitely a fangirl. I watch many TV shows. I’m not a big shipper. Well… except for Cass and Dean on Supernatural, they’re definitely an OTP of mine. But I appreciate shipping and all of my friends ship hard. I think my friends are even bigger fangirls than me.

    I’m glad to hear that Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl is good. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my list. I’ll have to move it up now that I know it’s good.

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