welcome back

I’ve missed blogging! And now that the blog is up again, I can write to my heart’s content.
Where do I even start? I feel that there are so many things I want to say but I don’t know where to begin. I haven’t had an “alone time” for ages and I am so glad that I managed to sleep in and watch movies the whole day long. I’ve caught riding in cars with boys, austenland and yours, mine, ours. I really want to own a regency inspired dress and visit europe some day!


I attended a cat themed party last month and had so much fun. I also finally my baby!snow white skirt out for the first time.

Is it strange that I have pockets of thoughts spilling out of my mind, but I can’t find a way to write it down neatly. Maybe it is because I don’t like blogging at this hour. My energy levels are low at night. I really want to blog about my OTPs of OTP in the next entry.

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