I organized a high school themed meet at the beginning of march and it turned out to be really lots of fun! We had lunch at a cocoichibanya, sang karaoke and took purikura!

I had a good rest over the weekend (meaning I did not do anything productive). I did take photos of my newly organized bento stuff over at Eat Noodly Me. :)

Hello blog! I’ve missed you. Good night! <3

Eat Noodly Me

It is tough trying to lose weight that you gained in the late twenties. I have terrible eating habits especially the fact that I indulge in whatever I like with no impulse control. I have tried a few times to attempt keeping up with my resolution 2015 but failed miserably. I have only been to the gym twice in this 3 months.

I hope to be more regular in my note keeping. It helps to motivate me and give me discipline. A right mindset is the way to go!

I have decided to record all health related stuff into my other blog Eat Noodly Me over here. I hope it works! I want to lose that 12kg I gained!

Spoken (Word)

My recent obsession is spoken word (poetry).
I would love to dive into it and create something.

I had fun with ten attending story slam today. There was a great variety and quality in terms of story telling and story tellers. Ten even went up for open mike and did a terrific job of sharing her experience.

I would love to try that some day.

I have been busy with work and school. I have been failing terribly at my resolutions. I will pull my socks up. I could not resist and gave in to purchasing Starbucks Sakura tumblers. I will have to make good use of them. :D

Rori Swap


These are some of my new lolita pieces after a swap meet. I am in a deficit now.
I ended up spending instead of selling.

I am excited for a themed party in march. It is retro futuristic themed and I am not sure how to coordinate it yet.

I am in a writing slump again.

I feel for people who are unloved during the festive season. We had a four day weekend since Chinese New Year was a public holiday. I saw my grandmother and met relatives I have never seen before. I always anticipate eating my favourite popiah (spring roll), facai and pork bun at Grandma’s house.

The best part of Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner. Family is important to me and it means a lot to spend time together, especially during the festive season. The food was delicious!

Because I wanted to post something…

And I am uninspired so I shall do a 10 minute writing challenge at the very least.
A shoutout to Sara whose blog is up again.

10 minutes Writing Challenge10/02
He finds security in mirrors and reflections. He checks and adjusts, checks and adjusts; eyes never really leaving from the glazed surfaces. He was a remarkably plain boy from a small ordinary town. He longed for something bigger in another more exciting city. She, on the other hand, was not quite sure where she belonged to or where she wanted to be. Her words are free, careless and clumsy. And once in a blue moon, she offers pearls of wisdom far beyond her usual gibberish self (as her friends can attest to it). So you would think that at some point of their average parallel lives, they would meet (as every love story do). But this is not quite the love story that the author would like to present. Maybe they might not even meet in the pages 1 to 225. Maybe they will. The author has not decided yet. Or rather the story has yet to unfold itself.

Personality Test

Hello blog!
It’s been a while. I have started my university education and for BUS103 Organizational Behaviour and the first tutorial was fun!

We took personality tests and I was surprised that it has changed a bit over the years.

I took the MBIT and my result was INFP. :D

INFP Personality Type

Take the personality test

And for my big five personality results.

You Are Highly Open to Experience
Your score for openness was high, at 87.5%.
High Openness scorers are more likely to be politically liberal and to participate in artistic and cultural activities in their leisure time. They tend to be drawn to artistic and scientific careers. High Openness scorers are also more likely to have a high IQ.

You Are Moderately Conscientious
Your score for conscientiousness was 50%, which is in the moderate range.
Your score for Conscientious is in the moderate range, indicating that you are fairly average in your tendency to respond to impulses. You probably have some long-term goals and are fairly successful in pursuing them, but can be sidetracked sometimes when a particularly attractive diversion presents itself.

You Are Moderately Extraverted
Your score for Extraversion was moderate, at 45%.
Your mid-range score on this dimension indicates that you are fairly average in your motivation to seek out social rewards. You probably have some desire for admiration, influence, and prestige, but you can also be content when you’re not winning recognition from others.

You Are Moderate in Agreeableness
Your score for Agreeableness was moderate, at 55%.
Your moderate score in Agreeableness indicates that you are fairly typical in the degree to which you balance your own interests with the interests of others. You are probably willing to sacrifice yourself for others some of the time, but you also watch out for yourself quite a bit.

You are Moderate in Neuroticism
Your score for Neuroticism was moderate, at 62.5%.
Your score indicates that you are fairly typical in your tendency to experience negative emotions. You probably feel sadness, worry, anger, and guilt about as much as the average person. You are neither overly reactive, nor especially resistant to the stresses of life.

Read more: Your Results for The Big Five Personality TestJanuary 29, 2015, 1:11 pm | Truity http://www.truity.com/personality-test/test-results/639832#ixzz3QDS1ydnt
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It is always interesting to learn more about myself.

Further Education

I am going crazy! I am starting my degree in ECE this coming week and I am still tempted to switch courses to English and Literature. I am torn or in a bind.

I have an inferiority complex when it comes to academics. I did badly for my A levels so I am worried if I can cope with something “challenging” yet appealing to me. And since the Uni I applied for is a private one at that, the recognition of its degree is moot compared to the autonomous local ones. It boils down to the purpose of the degree and my reasons seem frivolous as I keep turning the pieces in my mind round and round.

I am going crazy.

I need to talk to someone.

I do not think I am stupid but I am terrible at exam/time management. And mostly confused.

I am always in a state of confusion. I wish I could shut the voices in my head down.

It would have been simpler if I was a sheep and do what everyone seems to know and can do. But it would not be me.

My local education experience makes me feel small and stupid. The sense of ineptitude and shame because I am “not good enough” and having been rejected from the local universities.

I shall keep the rest of the rant and self pity to myself now.

See ya blog!

PS. Kit Kat ice cream and Macarons to the rescue.

Blessed Packages

I saw a miss call from my mum.
I read a message, she said, Dad was in the hospital.
A million thoughts raced through my mind at what could possibly have happened.
I was scared – scare that something serious had happened and I could not help.
Luckily, mum called back.
I was in the middle of a karaoke session with some friends.
I was worried as tears gathered in my eyes (nearly falling).
I headed to the hospital and I was told that Dad’s glucose levels was extremely high.
He’s still in the hospital now.
I will keep praying for his healing and I am thankful for everyone who has kept him in their prayers.

My day got a lot better because a certain package finally reached me. I can’t wait to send Kya another one after this package.

Kya surprise

Firstly, let me tell the world how much I adore this girl Kya! She is absolutely the sweetest angel on earth. I knew that she was going to send me a package but she surprised me at the amount of gifts that she had packed into the package. The sweetheart also wrapped all the gifts individually and so cutely with ribbon tapes. I loved the wrapping paper used (way too cute!!!). I may have squeed each time I opened each present. Kya spoils me way too much. <3 She also knows me way too well. I love every single thing that she sent!

Kya’s Love Package
1. Envelope – with the cutest cupcake sticker, Christmas Card & Note
I am a huge, huge fan of Kya’s work. If she sold her cards, stickers, stationery online, that would be really really awesome.

2. Necklaces x 2
I have always wanted a HP deathly hallows necklace and I finally have one. #HPNERD
I love castles and fairy tales thus the second pendant is just as precious to me.

3. Truly Madly Deeply Notebook
I love notebooks and the phrase and the colour of this one.

4. Polka Dot Pens
My weakness. I love light blue polka dots and stationery.

5. Card sticker
It is so cute! I love cute stuff and sailor stuff so this is so me.

6. Penguin Ornament
GAH I love penguins. Too cute and fwuffy.

7. Rilakkuma Drawstring Bag
Probably my favourite item in this package because it is so cute. :D

8. Kimino Doll Stationery Set
I LOVE IT. MOAR CUTENESS. I can’t bear to use it and just paws the package. (Don’t worry, I will use it eventually.)

9. LINE Bear Plushie
I have a soft spot for plushies so yay I can add them onto my bag collection. Hehehe.

10. Hello Kitty Charm
Hello Kitty Love!

11. Teeny Hello Kitty
Surprised me!

12. Rings
Beautiful rings! I love the design of them. One says love and the other a princess design.

13. Bracelet
I adore this too. I will definitely wear it. The simple design appeals to me.

14. Bird Lipbalm
Cutest little thing. I needed a lip balm too! Handy.

15. Sticky Notes & Notepad
Another weakness of mine. I love all four designs you chose and I can’t wait to use them.

Dearest Kya, thank you very much. ILUBB. And once again, THANK YOU for renewing my domain. You are the most amazing, super, mega, foxy, awesome, hot person that ever lived. ♥


I was incredibly blessed again by two of my colleagues (from other centres).
My fangirl friend, Didi, who came back from Shanghai gave me a lovely postcard and sushi socks. That cutie!
Secondly, my ex mandarin teacher partner from 2014, gave me the cat bag, tiara and hello kitty charm from hokkaido. It was really unexpected so I felt really happy.

2015-01-03 21.19.40

I went to Kikki.K to get myself the organizer that I wanted but was sold out last week. I also picked up a couple of other things as well. I could not resist it! I am looking for an address book.

My sister’s birthday tomorrow. It is always so hard to get something for her. I feel like an “old person” who is out of touch with what the teens are into these days.

I miss writing letters and postcards so I guess I will post some out at the end of the month. :D Until then, ciao!


We observed children based on SPICE domains. So, here I am, reflecting on the previous year using that method.

+ 2014 was a good year for socializing. I made many new acquaintances and more friends. I exposed myself to more people through events and hobbies.

– I stopped zumba and going to the gym. I stopped eating my calcium pills. I stopped wearing my retainers every night. While I started drinking apple cider vinegar, my tummy/face is getting rounder fatter because of all the indulgence in fried food and alcohol.

-> I will aim to watch my dietary intake in this new year and exercise more.

+ I graduated and got my diploma in ECE and moving on to getting a degree on it.
– Overall though, I want to learn more about different things this year. I want to improve my Japanese and French.

– I had aimed to be more in touch with my creative side in 2014 but failed to do so.
+ I want to paint something, write a novel worth of words, blog regularly, plan themed parties and be fashionable in 2015.

+ I think I have learnt to love myself a little bit more.
– I cry at almost everything still.

I went to the night safari for the first time 2 days ago! It was really fun but I am not really good with nature. I may have cling onto my friend’s arm when bats fly across our heads. And I absolutely love the wolves! I was conflicted throughout the experience because as much as I enjoyed seeing the animals, I do not like zoos. I went for this trip because it was a late celebration for a good friend’s birthday. She, on the other hand, was very happy with it. I even got her a souvenir photo (ouch overpriced much!). :D

I spent new year’s eve shopping and going for karaoke. Two of my deadly indulgence. I had a great lunch with 2 colleagues. And I slept soundly. That is a good sign for the new year! Although, I am not sure if I am happy with who I am at this point of time, I hope to make a change/difference. The older I get, the more scared I become. I lost a lot of opportunities and chances this year because of this. Let me work up my courage this year! I can’t wait to make my Kansai (Oosaka & Kyoto) trip come true. And maybe I might find love too (pray for me?). :D